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The Nursery Ethos

Our ethos is that children’s early years are the most important years of their lives. Therefore we strive to provide high quality childcare and education for all children that is appropriate to their individual needs. This is provided for in a positive, respectful, relaxed and homely environment, by supportive adults sensitive to the individual needs of the child and their family.

Working in partnership with parents/carers is vital for effective holistic learning and development for the child. This is achieved by building relationships with the child and family through the key persons approach. The key person will aid the child’s learning and development through helping to ‘stretch’ the child but not push them beyond their capabilities

The learning environment is fundamental in providing the children with a sense of security, belonging and effective learning. We provide the children with a learning environment that is appropriate to their age and individual needs. This is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to maintain the effectiveness of the provision.

Keeping children fit and healthy is also an essential part of the care provided for the children within the nursery. This is achieved by having direct access to a fully refurbished garden and providing the children with award winning healthy home cooked meals and snacks that are prepared on the premises.

Many local families have entrusted the care of their children in the nursery since opening in 1998. The nursery expanded physically in 2007 and again in 2016; this has built upon our reputation along with gaining a quality assurance award demonstrating the nursery’s high standards. As a team we constantly self evaluate the care and learning provided for the children, for the ongoing improvement of our nursery experience.